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Covid outpatient treatment

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Personally I have been very interested to know what effective treatments are available to prevent hospitalisation. I have heard many doctors that I trust since early on in the pandemic passionately share their experience in successfully treating covid 19 patients with Ivermectin and Hydroxychloquine. Both can be used as anti-viral treatment in combination with an anti-baterial medication like azithromyzin or doxycycline, in addition to Zink, vitamine C and vitamine D. Hydrogen peroxide and Budesonide using a nebuliser has also proven to be very effective. DISCLAIMER: It is very important that you seek advice from a doctor in case of illness as this post is only to inform that outpatient treatment is available. IVERMECTIN The Indian government is distributing a home COVID kit with: Ivermectin, Zinc and Doxycycline. ZIVERDO kits as they are called are readily available in India for outpatient treatment for about 2$ only and also in the USA for 51$.

Treatment with Ivermectin decrease death rates with 75-90% and doctor Ryan Cole says: "there is blood on the hands of bureaucrats for preventing this vital information, who have suppressed this lifesaving medication to reach the public." People have died needlessly as safe and effective treatment were available all along. Dangerous experimental vaccines were never necessary, it's only purpose is huge profits for the pharmaceutical companies. Ivermectin is effective against all of the corona viruses and also dengue virus to a degree and partially effective to ebola. Now that we are seeing multiple new virus variants appearing, Ivermectin will be of great benefit to reduce mortality rates. Dr Ryan Cole also says that vitamine D should be the number ONE preventative treatment as we do not have influenza seasons, but vitamin D deficiency seasons. It is absolutely essential to keep adequate levels of this pro-hormone in our bodies to keep our immune system strong and able to deal effectively with viruses. Doctor Ryan Cole, CEO and Medical Director of Cole Diagnostics, regarding Covid -19 vaccines and treatment with Ivermectin. IVERMECTIN dosing scheme often used for Covid 19 treatment: 1. Ivermectin 12 mg PO x 1 for 3 - 5 days, take with food. 2. Doxycycline 100 mg PO twice per day, morning and evening, for 5 days The guidance does not recommend antibiotic therapy or prophylaxis for patients with mild or moderate COVID-19 unless signs and symptoms of a bacterial infection exist. 3. Aspirin 100 mg PO x 1 day for 7 days 4. Zink 50 mg PO x 1 per day for 10-14 days 5. Vitamine C PO 1500 - 3000 mg per day 6. Vitamine D3 100 - 300 mcg PO per day or 50 000 IU once per week for 3 months 7. Rest, fluids, paracetamol as needed

Ivermectin 200 mcg/kg body weight. Eks. if you are 70 kg you multiply with 0.200 mg (200mcg) = 14 mg. Tablets usually come in 3 mg - 6 mg and 12 mg Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance Prevention & Treatment Protocols for COVID-19

Treatment suggestions Americas frontline doctors:

Pierre Kory MD Testimony

Pierre Kory MD video Testimony

Ivermectin: Cheap Covid Treatment Shown to be Highly Effective in New Peer-Reviewed Study

Dr. Tess Lawrie: Had we adopted the use of Ivermectin early on in the pandemic thousands of lives would have been saved.

Dr Tess Lawrie - The powerful effect of Ivermectin

Doctor Mark Hober explains his positive results with ivermectin, doxycycline and zink

HYDROXYCHLOROQUINE American Journal of Medicine has just recently published these recommendations for Early Outpatient Treatment of SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) Infection. In this article it is Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) an anti malarial drug that is mentioned as the anti-viral treatment. " when started earlier in the hospital course, for progressively longer durations and in outpatients, antimalarials may reduce the progression of disease, prevent hospitalisation, and are associated with reduced mortality." - AJOM

Doctor explaining his healing journey as an outpatient with Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ), Azithromycin, Zinc, Prednisolone, Zink, vitamin C and vitamin D

A study on hydroxychloroquine was published in the worlds leading medical journal, The Lancet, early on in this pandemic, stating that HQL was a dangerous medication, but it later had to be retracted, because the study had been falsified. The damage was already done, most western countries stopped their own trials with the medication, which many doctors claim had fatal consequences, because the medication could have saved many lives.

Unfortunately this caused an avalanche of miss information through the main stream media leading to much confusion. Many lives were lost because of this, as safe and effective treatments were available all along.

There have been dark forces working against effective treatment reaching the public, because if there is a treatment for a disease, the federal government, by law, cannot approve a vaccine. All we have to do is follow the money to discover who would profit from falsifying and suppressing vital information about effective treatments and here we can clearly see that the fox has been watching the hen house. "The government has been in bed with a private company vending a product that they intend to give to everybody. The NIH, National Institute of Health, who are involved in approving medications, co-hold the patent on the "vaccine" with Moderna." - Dr Ryan Cole June 4, 2020 - The online medical journal The Lancet has apologised to readers after retracting the study that said the anti-malarial drug hydroxychloroquine did not help to curb COVID-19 and might cause death in patients. “We deeply apologise to you, the editors, and the journal readership for any embarrassment or inconvenience that this may have caused,” The Lancet said. HYDROXYCHLOROQUINETREATMENT - After the patient is diagnosed with Covid, use the following triple therapy in addition to standard supportive care. Low-risk patient-Younger than 60, no comorbidities, and no serious symptoms. Over the counter 1. Rest, oral fluids, paracetamol as needed

2. Vitamin C 1 gm once a day for 7 days 3. Vitamine D3 4000 - 10 000 IU = 100 - 250 mcg x 1 per day for 7 days

4. Elemental Zinc 50 mg. once a day for 7 days

5. Quercetin 500 mg. twice a day for 7 days 6. Curcumin with bioperin 1000 mg twice a day 14 days 7. Aspirin 100 mg PO x 1 per day for 7 days Close follow up with a doctor A very good alternative to HCQ is a natural supplement called QUERCETIN, which does the same thing as HCQ: it helps zinc break through the cell wall and do it's life saving job. Quercetin can be easily purchased in health stores like Natural Grocers, or you can find it online.

High-risk patient-Older than 60, or younger than 60 with co-morbidities, or serious symptoms. following Dr. Zelenko protocol Rest, oral fluids, paracetamol as needed

  1. Hydroxychloroquine 200mg PO twice daily, morning and evening with food 5 - 7 days

  2. Azithromycin 500mg PO once daily. In tablet form, take with food for 5 - 7 days

  3. OR Doxycycline 100 mg PO twice a day for 1 week

  4. Zinc sulfate 220 mg capsule PO once daily, containing 50mg elemental zink for 7 days

  5. Vitamin C 500mg PO x 5 for 7 days

  6. Vitamine D3 100 - 300 mcg PO x 1 per day OR 50 000 IU once a week for 3 months

  7. Aspirin100 mg PO x 1 per day for 7 days (prevents blood clothing)

  8. close follow up with a doctor

Note if HCQ is inaccessible then use Quercetin 500 mg. three times a day in place of HCQ. If HCQ becomes accessible, then switch to HCQ.

Patients who did not meet the risk stratification requirements received standard of care to treat common upper respiratory tract infections. Patients were not treated with HCQ if they had known contraindications, including QT prolongation, retinopathy or glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase deficiency.


Anti-inflammatory - Aspirin Multiple studies have described increased rates of pathological macro- and micro-thrombosis. Patients with COVID-19 have described chest heaviness associated with desaturation that suggests the possibility of pulmonary thrombosis. Based on this pathophysiologic rationale, aspirin 81 mg daily can be administered as an initial anti-platelet and anti-inflammatory agent. Ambulatory patients can be additionally treated with subcutaneous low-molecular-weight heparin or with short- acting novel anticoagulant drugs in dosing schemes similar to those use in outpatient thrombo- prophylaxis.

Low-dose aspirin seems to be as effective in preventing heart attacks and strokes as higher doses. How does aspirin work to prevent a heart attack or stroke? Aspirin slows the blood's clotting action by reducing the clumping of platelets. Platelets are cells that clump together and help to form blood clots. Aspirin keeps platelets from clumping together, thus helping to prevent or reduce blood clot, — when they are activated by inflammation or injury.


How to use Nebulized Hydrogen Peroxide at home: In this tutorial video Dr. Mercola takes you through the simple process of nebulizing hydrogen peroxide. Make sure to follow his advice carefully. For inhalation ONLY!!

How to make Normal Saline 0.9%, = Sodium chloride or salt distilled in water, 9 grams per Liter. (A teaspoon is about 5 grams) - you can use a 16 oz mason jar which is about 0.5 L clean, preferably distilled water, NOT tap water! - get a steel measuring spoon, but can also use teaspoon or a scale if you have. Ideally we want to use 4.5 grams. A teaspoon is about 5 grams, so a little bit less if you are using a regular teaspoon - Get some Himalayan salt, make sure it’s level and put it in the water and dissolve it. This is the saline solution you are going to dilute the 12% hydrogen peroxide with FOR INHALATION ONLY!

  • Put 3/4 of a teaspoon of food grade12% hydrogen peroxide into the saline solution in the 16 oz mason jar

  • Connect your nebuliser ready for use

  • Fill the nebuliser with about half a teaspoon of the ready made solution

  • Use a mask on the nebuliser to inhale the solution into your lungs and your sinuses, breathe in and out naturally until the entire volume that you put in is evaporated into your lungs and sinuses

If you are treating yourself acutely at home with an illness and you are really having a big problem and you have fever, shortness of breath, difficult breathing and coughing then it is recommended to treat every hour until you are better. Typically within the 2-3 first treatments you are going to feel much better if not almost all improved. Almost everyone within the first day is going to feel much better. Once you start to feel better you can degrease the treatment down to every 4 - 6 hrs, and continue as long as you need to. DO NOT use this prophylactically, only when you have an infection. - By Dr. Mercola This helps you avoid being fearful if you develop some of these respiratory infections and are having to do at home treatment.

Full Protocol For Using Budesonide Budesonide 0.5-1mg/2ml respules Inhalation Sig:1 respule q 2 hours PRN severe symptoms Dispense 2 boxes Clarithromycin 500mg Antibiotic Sig:1 Tab per oral, BID (twice daily) with food Dispense 14. Refills X 1 Zinc 50mg Sig:1 per oral, QD (once per day) Dispense 30 Refills X 1 For Adults Coated Aspirin 81mg Sig:1 per oral, QD (once per day)

Dispense 90 Refills X 3

Link to peer-reviewed studies, articles in medical journals, or news articles regarding the efficacy of budesonide.

Testimony of patient having been prescribed Budesonide for Covid.

Find detailed information about Budesonide on the website BudesonideWorks

You can find nebulisers for sale online many places, but here is an example from UK.

You can download a PDF of these treatments below.

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CHLORINE DIOXIDE The biophysicist Andreas Kalcker brought the COVID-19 death rate down from more than a hundred deaths a day, to basically zero, in several nations. It increases the oxygen in the blood and it eliminates pathogens, viruses, microbes and fungus and it does it by oxidation. Now more than 4,000 medical doctors are using his treatment, in dozens of countries using Chlorine Dioxide.

Watch the following video to see how millions of lives are saved around the world.

Download PDF • 5.00MB

You can buy Chlorine dioxide many places, here is an example:

CLO2 (also known as Chlorine Dioxide) is a powerful anti-viral, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial liquid. It helps eradicate the weak blood cells from your body that are susceptible to infection. Dilute further into water.


How to set up an ICU at home if hospital beds are not available


This post is only meant for informing that outpatient treatment for Covid-19 is available, please seek professional advice immediately in case of illness.

This post is only meant for informing that outpatient treatment for Covid-19 is available, please seek professional advice in case of illness.


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