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Personally I have been very interested to know what effective treatments are available to prevent hospitalisation. I have heard many doctors that I trust since early on in the pandemic passionately share their experience in successfully treating covid 19 patients with Ivermectin and Hydroxychloquine. Both can be used as anti-viral treatment in combination with an anti-baterial medication like azithromyzin or doxycycline, in addition to Zink, vitamine C and vitamine D. Hydrogen peroxide and Budesonide using a nebuliser has also proven to be very effective. DISCLAIMER: It is very important that you seek advice from a doctor in case of illness as this post is only to inform that outpatient treatment is available. IVERMECTIN The Indian government is distributing a home COVID kit with: Ivermectin, Zinc and Doxycycline. ZIVERDO kits as they are called are readily available in India for outpatient treatment for about 2$ only and also in the USA for 51$.

Treatment with Ivermectin decrease death rates with 75-90% and doctor Ryan Cole says: "there is blood on the hands of bureaucrats for preventing this vital information, who have suppressed this lifesaving medication to reach the public." People have died needlessly as safe and effective treatment were available all along. Dangerous experimental vaccines were never necessary, it's only purpose is huge profits for the pharmaceutical companies. Ivermectin is effective against all of the corona viruses and also dengue virus to a degree and partially effective to ebola. Now that we are seeing multiple new virus variants appearing, Ivermectin will be of great benefit to reduce mortality rates. Dr Ryan Cole also says that vitamine D should be the number ONE preventative treatment as we do not have influenza seasons, but vitamin D deficiency seasons. It is absolutely essential to keep adequate levels of this pro-hormone in our bodies to keep our immune system strong and able to deal effectively with viruses. Doctor Ryan Cole, CEO and Medical Director of Cole Diagnostics, regarding Covid -19 vaccines and treatment with Ivermectin. IVERMECTIN dosing scheme often used for Covid 19 treatment: 1. Ivermectin 12 mg PO x 1 for 3 - 5 days, take with food. 2. Doxycycline 100 mg PO twice per day, morning and evening, for 5 days The guidance does not recommend antibiotic therapy or prophylaxis for patients with mild or moderate COVID-19 unless signs and symptoms of a bacterial infection exist. 3. Aspirin 100 mg PO x 1 day for 7 days 4. Zink 50 mg PO x 1 per day for 10-14 days 5. Vitamine C PO 1500 - 3000 mg per day 6. Vitamine D3 100 - 300 mcg PO per day or 50 000 IU once per week for 3 months 7. Rest, fluids, paracetamol as needed

Ivermectin 200 mcg/kg body weight. Eks. if you are 70 kg you multiply with 0.200 mg (200mcg) = 14 mg. Tablets usually come in 3 mg - 6 mg and 12 mg Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance Prevention & Treatment Protocols for COVID-19

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