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Feminine  Wisdom

Our world is out of balance after thousands of years of patriarchal domination. Therefore the need for feminine spiritual practices, the loving grace, nurture and fierce compassion of the divine feminine is greatly needed. The wisdom of the feminine creates harmony through collaborations and unity, no one above and no one below, it is free from hierarchical structures.

Many may feel overwhelmed and powerless about how to deal with our current situation,

 not knowing what healing balm to apply.

Immersing ourselves in the energy of the divine feminine, attuning ourselves to the natural cycles of our bodies and the earth will bring a deeper harmony and awaken our deep wisdom and compassion. These qualities are needed for us to take wise actions in restoring and healing our planet and all sentient beings. It is urgent that we recognise and embrace these gifts.

Awaking the Goddess Within


The  Dakinis

"Dakinis offer a feminine model that is fierce, wise, spiritual, and embodied. They give us the energy of the undomesticated feminine; they are not meek or submissive. They are luminous, subtle spiritual energy, the gatekeepers and the guardians of the unconditioned wisdom and sacred earth.

If we are not willing to invite the dakini into our life, then we cannot enter into these subtle states of mind. Sometimes the dakinis appear as messengers, sometimes as guides and sometimes as protectors. ”

- Lama Tsultrim Allione

Your luminous mind is boundless knowing

infinte radiance which sees beyond

the darkness of illusion

illuminates it's false belief of existence

in an orgiastic union with its source

- A Feminine Era -

"It is time we truly recognise that the era of the hunter is past.
This should be a more “feminine” era – an era when women make greater contributions to society. If we continue to devalue what women have to offer,

we will continue harming women and continue overlooking and devaluing

these virtues that are considered “feminine.”

And these are precisely the virtues that the world needs more now".

-  H.H. 17th Karmapa Orgyen Trinley Dorje

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Luminous portal of  Love 

Let the wild fire of the goddess Shakti enlighten your life. Feel her stirring from deep within you,

awakening you from the trance of inadequacy, from the hypnotic paralysed state of hopelessness.

Let her heal your wounds with her warmth and promise of a New Life lived in Love and Acceptance of All that you are.
Be a luminous portal of love!
You are here on a deep mission, you have a message to us. Let us hear it. Let us feel it. Let us burn in your Bright Fire of truth and hope!

Light the path with your Glowing Heart Radiant woman of wisdom -  precious Bodhicitta shines in your being

I bow.. In awe of All that you are! 

- Ma Tara Palmo

Light the path with your glowing heart,
radiant woman of wisdom.
Precious Bodhicitta shines in your being


 "Dakinis represent the freedom from all the strictures of biology meaning everything that tied women to their destinies which society expected from them. Dakinis display naked bodies that glow with attractiveness and youth, yet these bodies are not as they appear. The Dakini portrays the Nakedness of Awareness itself."

- Judith Simmer Brown 

Kuan Yin - Kwan  Yin -

A new world will be created

About twelve years ago I had a dream. 

A divine feminine embodiment was standing on a bridge and on either side of the bridge were two ancient looking dragons protecting it. In front of the bridge were parliamentary representatives from every country in the world dressed in suits and ties, symbolising patriarchy. They were gathered in a big crowd trying to enter to cross the bridge, shouting “we want to come!” But the feminine deity said with a firm voice; 

the old ways are no longer serving mankind, a New World will be created!"

Infinite  Love  and  Awareness

A yogini, deeply in tune with the Goddess as a liberating force, is dancing with Her in Joy.

She is Singing, Praying, Meditating and worshipping Nature

She honours the deep longing in her heart calling her back to union

with the still background of this magical display

- she is space dancing in the luminous dakini realm

in empty radiant presence.

A yogini use eagle vision to see past the illusion of separation

She is Awake to the True reality of being as infinite Love and Awareness.
She is gloriously radiating in union with all of life.

- Ma Tara Palmo

Eagle vision - yogini - Infinite love and awarness

Welcome to the Temple of Sacred Femininity

Sacred Woman Retreat
Thailand  2022
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Deity art courtesy of Zeng Hao

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