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Sacred Woman Retreat

-Testimonials - 

Wow!!! What an amazing retreat!

I am not the same woman that left home. A wonderful and educational journey in the different qualities and strengths of the goddesses. There was a lot of deep and inner work through both active and inactive exercises. The meditations and Tara's knowledge in Tibetan Buddhism was for me both educational and also a reminder of what is inside of me.

The whole program was filled with variety and balance.

Tara is a knowledgeable and very experienced  teacher who really lives what she shares.

Deep gratitude for being in her presence. 

Many thanks to her assistants in the retreat for offering wonderful morning yoga and self care ritual. 
The resort was a really beautiful place, very exclusive! Thank You!

- by Sananda Beyer


I was one of the lucky ones to experience the Sacred Woman Retreat with Ma Tara Palmo in Bali. It was a lovely, interesting and educational experience on many levels. It was joyful and it was serious. There were activities that required deep-dive in the subconscious and there were quiet meditations and passionate dancing.

Ma Tara had a solid presence throughout the retreat and created safety for us participants. She has the goddess qualities that she teaches in integrated and therefore radiates credibility and wisdom.
Together with her assistants, she created a joyful and kind-hearted atmosphere for us participants.
The resort was a paradise and a wonderful scene for the experience.

I was blessed to be a participant!

- by Janne Brit Helgesen


What an incredibly deep and all-encompassing atmosphere Tara created with her loving and compassionate presence. I felt seen by her and well looked after. The retreat was very deep and holistic with many sacred moments. I particularly liked the connection made between us and the earth and the feminine and the masculine. There were many varied activities and exercises in the retreat.

Learning about the different goddesses, dressing up in their colours and the music being extra special to me.


Tara held the retreat with an intuitive presence and energy.

I liked that she often used herself as an example, or offered herself, as it might be called.

There was a clear introduction to share and listen from our hearts, but not fix each other, which created safety and clear boundaries. I really liked most of all the wholesome feeling of the retreat; from the feminine soul to the world economy.

She managed to cover the span and make a connection between the worlds. 

Said in a few sentences: Sacred woman retreat was a warm, sacred and intuitive experience of a lifetime; both in terms of what was communicated and the atmosphere around it. 

Tara held the retreat with a beautiful and loving presence.

I felt deeply taken care of from pre-registration to the very end of the retreat.

- by Siv Karin Sollaune


Wow -what a journey both outside and inside. Outside journey to magical Bali with all it’s beauty, and the inner journey to connect with the feminine energies. I appreciate Tara's deep knowledge about the Divine Goddess and for sharing her wisdom.

It was a pleasure to play out the different energies. I loved to be there! 

- by Anne Markhus


Dakini Divination 
-Testimonial - 

I absolutely loved my session with Tara. We did several spreads together and she interpreted the cards with so much skill, knowledge and incredibly accurate intuition. She was present and compassionate throughout and I really enjoyed the high level of intentionality and mindfulness that she brought to the session. Her guidance was hugely helpful and uplifting. This session brought peace and clarity to me during a difficult transition in my life. Tara radiates loving energy and so much wisdom, I highly recommend her card readings


Dakini Dance

Awakening the Goddess within

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