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Sacred Woman


Chanel Baran ©

Ma Tara Palmo - Dakini Dance

Embraced by women of wisdom

This is an opportunity for you to be in the women's temple where we together celebrate your unique, beautiful, feminine gifts. In this safe and sacred space embraced by your sisters a deep remembrance has the opportunity to come alive. Radiating with your feminine grace, awakening to your inner love and wisdom, with an overflowing wish to be a channel of these precious gifts to our world desperately in need of your holy presence.

We have been called to give birth to a new world.​

Meditation - Dakini Dance

When women come together

It is more important than ever that women meet in sacred circles in deep communion and remind each-other of our important gifts to the world, of women's deep wisdom, her fierce compassion and ability to nurture and heal. Many of us feel the deep longing and memory of a time when feminine leadership was an important part of society, temples flourished with divine feminine worship and women were celebrated and deeply venerated.

Women Circle- Ritual - Dakini Dance


She was a channel, a midwife, between the spiritual and the earthly, a holy initiator of sacred union, honouring her body as a sacred vessel to the divine. But through thousands of years of patriarchal domination, woman lost faith in her inner power and wisdom. She was convinced she had to receive validation from the outside, and was told to pray vigorously for a better birth in her next life, as a man, as this was considered superior. 

She lost faith in her inner wisdom and light.


We unite in the temple to Remember

and to Know and Believe

in the Sacredness of our Feminine presence on this earth

Welcome to the Temple

In the circle we are all equal, there is no one in front of you and there is nobody behind you.
No one is above you, no one is below you. 
The circle is sacred because it is designed to create unity.
- Native American Wisdom









Every woman is a tremendous Gift

 a powerful Medicine, a sacred Mandala.
May we Awaken to our deepest Wisdom and Love


Meditation - Dakini Dance

Through the power of cultivating our awareness, our compassion and deeper insight we may come to realise the true nature of mind, our Buddha nature.

"It is profound, peaceful, beyond concept, beyond dualistic mind, it is luminous and it is uncontrived, like nectar." 

~ Buddha


Chanel Baran ©

Enter the temple and dance your heart's divine dance. 

Let your masks fall and be seen and heard for who you truly are.

"Stay with the women who embrace your wisdom,
stay with the women who celebrate your light".

Ma Tara Palmo - Dakini Dance

Like phoenix rising from the ashes

she has birthed herself anew

Whole  Healed  Holy



Awakening the

Dakini Dance


Goddess within

5th - 7th December 2022

Ma Tara Palmo - Dakini Dance

You are Deeply Welcome here

I welcome you my dear sisters with wide open arms and with so much love and joy for coming together in sacred feminine circles.  I hold a vision in my heart that we dance blissfully together

in deep friendship and honour of each-others gifts.

Healing the wounds of competition and separation that has existed between women for thousands of years and instead stand united as heart sisters to bring the Feminine Gifts back into this manifested world, in a deep and harmonious marriage with the Sacred masculine.

Our inner God and Goddess united, radiating with the joy, peace, wisdom and love

we have been longing to know in our being and in our world at large. 

Together may we rise and shine and radiate our Love and Wisdom for the benefit of all sentient beings.  


- Ma Tara Palmo 

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