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Ma Tara Palmo - Dakini Dance

My name is Ma Tara Palmo and I am the creatress of Dakini Dance Awakening the Goddess within.

About 20 years ago my spiritual journey started with the discovery of trance dance and the altered states of consciousness I experienced led me to a deeper existential question, WHO AM I? 

Feeling greatly dissatisfied with the societal structures and not finding my place there, I traveled to India in 1997 to explore the mystery of spirituality.

I was introduced to Tibetan Buddhism and meditation practices a few years later and took refuge into Buddha, Dharma, Sangha and also the Boddhisatva vows with Ringu Tulku Ringpoche. 

In a private meeting with him 19 years ago, I asked to become a nun as I really wanted to dedicate my life to knowing the ultimate truth of existence and was devastated by the constricted ways of society.

Ringpoche did not recommend the monastic path for me, instead, he told me to be in the world, "you can continue your practice and choose a profession that allows you to serve in the world, like nursing".

I went on to complete a Bachelor of Science in nursing at Edith Cowan University in Perth, Australia.

During this time a great interest for yoga and tantra had sparked a huge interest in me and a new path opened up. I was delighted to feel expansion into a deeper understanding of being in the world and started seeing it as a playground for realizing my true nature.

I became certified as a Tantra Yoga Teacher and received transmissions to be a Kriya Yoga instructor. I  was introduced to Hridaya Yoga and attended several of the 10-day meditation retreats and 49-day solitary retreat on self-inquiry “who am I?” – practice for the revelation of the spiritual heart.

The journey continued to India where I was initiated by the tantric guru, Guruji Rajkumar Baswar with whom I explored tantric meditations, rituals, and pilgrimage to sacred tantric temples of India. 

I am a certified Ashtanga Vinyasa flow instructor with Sampoorna Yoga and was a teacher in the teacher training course at the school in Goa, India.

I have been passionate about learning the art of sacred intimacy and over the past 10  years I have immersed myself in feminine spiritual practices and trainings to fully embrace and embody the gift of being a woman on the spiritual path of awakening.

I have also received transmissions and studies within psycho-spirituality which has been invaluable on the path.

I am a student of Tibetan Buddhism and I am deeply grateful to be connected to this ancient spiritual lineage.

I am receiving teachings and empowerments from accomplished masters, furthering my studies and practice to realize the true nature of mind. 

https://tergar.org/about/mingyur-rinpoche/    http://kagyuoffice.org/karmapa/

From the womb of the Great Mother, I have heard the calling and the beautiful vision of bringing the love and wisdom of the divine feminine back into this manifested world. I am deeply honored to share in this mystery with sisters on the path.

Yours in love,

Ma Tara​​​​ Palmo