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The feminine within women and men has been repressed for thousands of years and this has been a great disservice to our world and our hearts.  

SHE - our sacred mother has been buried deep within the underworld of our psyche. But women all over the world are now rising up,

like phoenix from the ashes,  birthing herself anew

Whole ~ Healed ~ Holy. 

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She is exploding paradigms, rising above dominant religious, social and political paradigms. Her sacred feminine presence, her wisdom and fierce compassion, will help reclaim and reintegrate the feminine in our lives and bring balance and harmony to our world


by Carol Cavalaris

Sacred Union


Sacred feminine and Divine masculine

As the Sacred feminine and Divine masculine qualities awakens in our being, a new world is birthed through deeply understanding and bringing harmony to our mistakes.

Not through being a victim and accusing what has happened,

but through reconciliation and forgiveness.

The veil of ignorance has been thick and dense in these times. In forgetting the sacredness of the feminine AND the conscious masculine in ourselves and others we have acted from a place of distortion of the two as submission and victimhood and the abuse of power and control. It has been a time of great pain and destruction for humanity and the planet.

Through healing our wounds and knowing our true nature, deeply honouring our hearts true calling and remembering the sacredness of the earth, gifts will flow from our being as a divine offering. We will meet each other in our majestic fullness and we will BE what our hearts have been longing for,

Deep Inner Union and Communion with ALL of existence

– Enlightened Living and Loving.

Beyond words, beyond thought, beyond description, prajñāparamitā, unborn, unceasing, the very essence of space, yet it can be experienced as the pure wisdom of our own awareness, homage to the mother of the buddhas of the three times!

-- Padmasambhava, Guru Rinpoche

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Sacred Union

Unite male and female energies,
developing the method of mixing higher and lower energies,
Female assisting male and male assisting female,
The principles of each being separately practiced.

Intensify and elevate your practice, broadening the horizons of your pleasure.
But if pleasure and Emptiness are not identified,
profitlessly you stray from the path of Tantra.
Apprehend the intrinsic Unity of Pleasure and Emptiness.

Yeshe Tsogyal - Karmamudra instructions

Sky Dancer by Keith Dowman

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