© Dakini Dance ॐ Awakening the Goddess Within

Sacred Woman Retreat

- Bali - Indonesia -

6th - 12th December 2019

United as heart sisters bringing healing and balance to our world

Rise up Rise up Rise up Glorious Woman from the shackles of shame and unworthiness!

Let us see your face, let us hear your voice, let us witness your beautiful dance.

There is room for you and your magnificence in this world,

not only room sister - you are desperately needed Holy One!

Radiate your majestic light and wisdom and see how the world

heals and transforms by your magical touch and glance 

We are in awe of your beauty!

About the retreat

This is a unique opportunity to be in a 7 day retreat together with incredible women on a deeply transformative journey celebrating our sacred feminine gifts, awakening 'the goddess within' -

our inner wisdom and love, through dance, meditation, yoga and feminine practices.

This all inclusive women only retreat is uniquely designed for women to come into heart alignment and embodiment of her sacred femininity. We will be balancing and harmonizing our energies each morning with vinyasa yoga flow with awareness on the chakras.  

Through dance and conscious movement practices we harness our vital life force energy, releasing feelings of shame and unworthiness and feel enlivened and full in our creative potential, which greatly enhances our womanly health and wellbeing. We will dive deep into sacred women’s embodiment practices, each day working with different aspects of the feminine allowing us to embrace and embody these beautiful qualities within ourselves, coming into a deeper and

more meaningful relationship with ourselves, the earth and all beings.

Meditation is essential on the spiritual path of awakening. We will practice authentic meditation to strengthen our awareness, which transform our mind and the world we live in. 

It is a sacred journey of returning home into our hearts. 

We open to receive  guidance from deep within, finding our true voice and calling by listening to our deeper intuition. Rooted in deep awareness we embrace the powerful creative force of the feminine, transforming our lives and shine this light and love into the world as a sacred offering, restoring balance and healing to our world

No previous experience in dance, meditation or yoga is required

Welcome to the Temple of Sacred Sisterhood

Rooted in deep awareness our mind and world is transformed  

This retreat is an opportunity for you to

• feel a deeper connection with yourself and be in a loving community of sisters

• connect with your womb wisdom attuned to the cycles of the moon and nature

• dive deep into your feminine essence through women's embodiment practices

• learn authentic tibetan meditation

•  opening your heart and mind to deeper love and wisdom 

• feminine yoga flow

• trust your intuition and discover your sacred gifts and purpose

• letting go of limiting belief systems

• embrace a more playful side of yourself allowing for greater joy and happiness


The retreat will be held at the beautiful Shambala resort in Bali.

For centuries Bali was called " Island of the Gods" and "Heaven on Earth."

At this exclusive location on the North Shore of Bali, we are offered the rare opportunity to experience this charm and magic of the real Bali that can seldom be seen anymore.

Sweeping ocean views surround you from each of the villas.

If you are staying in the Oceanfront Villas your gaze sweeps over the ocean. Or if you stay at the Garden Villas, you will relax on your patio surrounded by gardens and flowers.

You will be served your meals at the Oceanside Restaurant, surrounded by beauty in every direction you look. While you eat and relax, you will enjoy an environment unique in this world, far from the noise and tourist crowds, while still centrally located to major scenic attractions.

Shambala oceanside resort also offers exquisite spa treatments



- Sacred Woman retreat fee

- 6 nights 7 days shared accomodation in one of Bali's most beautiful retreat centers 

- 3 delicious vegetarian meals daily

- Fruits and herbal tea is available in the restaurant throughout the day

single rooms are available on request

not included:

- airfare to Bali

- airport transfer to Shambala resort, but this can easily be arranged with the resort

- you will need to cover your own insurance

- Spa treatments will also need to be covered individually


You can easily fly to Denpasar airport in Bali or choose any of the nearby countries larger cities such as Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur or Singapore and then fly with some of the  "local" asian airlines from there.

You can try these search engines to find reasonable airfares: Momondo, Scyscanner or Expedia

Feeling called to Join?

Please fill out the registration form in the link below 

You will receive an email with all necessary information

Feel the joy of opening your heart in deep connection

Sacred Woman Retreat Team

Ma Tara Palmo

Ma Tara Palmo is the creatress of Dakini Dance Awakening the Goddess within, she has dedicated her life for more than 20 years on the spiritual path. She has received transmissions within various yoga and traditional indian tantra traditions.  She is a certified Tantra Yoga instructor as well as ashtanga Vinyasa flow instructor qualified by yoga alliance.


Tara has immersed herself in feminine spiritual practices for the past 10 years and is a conscious movement and women's group facilitator. She is deeply inspired to empower women and created the Sacred Woman Retreat as a unique opportunity for women to remember her sacredness and unique gifts.

She is trained as a registered nurse at Edith Cowan University in Australia (2004) and has been working in many different areas within health care, including mental health and newborn intensive care unit. 

Tara is a student of tibetan buddhism and is deeply grateful to be connected to this ancient spiritual lineage. She is receiving teachings and empowerments from accomplished masters, furthering her studies and meditation practice to realise the true nature of mind. 

Emma Sharples

Emma Sharples is a 500hr Meditation & Hatha Yoga Teacher as qualified by Yoga Alliance.


She currently uses the powerful tools of Self-Enquiry Meditation, Hatha Yoga and Intuitive Healing Practices to guide Beings back home, into the Heart, and radically embrace Who they Really Are. 


Emma has participated in various Silent Meditation Retreats, including a 59-Day Silent Retreat, as well as Dark Room Retreats, and numerous Yoga, Meditation, Tantra Courses & Workshops during her time living in a spiritual community (Hridaya Yoga) on the pacific coast of Mexico. 

She continues her journey to reveal Truth with a daily Sadhana (Spiritual Practice) as well as participating in many other Awakening training courses. 


Emma is now based on the Balearic Island of Menorca, Spain where she offers Meditation Courses, Yoga classes & Retreats; as well as Intuitive Healing Practices.

Angelina Theo

Ever since her first Awakening Femininity Retreat in 2014, empowering women

to embrace their femininity has been Angelina's deep passion and inspiration.

Angelina is based in Singapore and is the owner of Aroma Works. Her private practice space offers lymphatic drainage technique, cranial sacral therapy, inner space therapy and sound healing therapy, these are some of the main healing modalities she provides while bringing harmony and balance through her expertise.


How to reconnect and loving yourself through the sacredness of touch is one of the specialties Angelina offers women. She helps women to embrace her beauty with awareness and to radiate this from the inside out.

The importance about beauty is not about having a pretty face, it is about having a beautiful mind, a beautiful heart

and being in an overall beautiful and harmonious relation with oneself and the world.

Welcome Sisters

We see your Beauty - you are Divine

Celebrate the Glory of Woman

in Sacred Sisterhood 

It is more important than ever that women meet in sacred circles and are reminded of our important gifts to the world, of woman's power, her ability to nurture and heal, to create union where there has been separation from the old paradigm and hierarchical structures.


Many of us feel the deep longing and memory of a time when feminine leadership was an important part of society. She had an important role as healer and oracle, she was a channel, a midwife between the spiritual and the earthly, deeply attuned to her inner moon cycles and the cycles of nature. She was deeply venerated and celebrated in sacred temples as well as society, but through thousands of years of patriarchal domination, who started fearing her and viewing her as a lesser being to man, woman lost confidence in her creativity and healing power and was convinced that she needed validation from outside herself and got disconnected from her inner wisdom and love.

When we tap into our full potential as women we can be of immense service to our communities and our world.

I am infinitely grateful to invite you to a week of deep feminine immersion, an opportunity for deep transformations and celebration of your unique and important gifts.

We make the shift from an intense goal oriented outward moving masculine energy, which in the long run is detrimental for women's physical and psycho-emotional health and well being and balancing it with the inward moving yin energy.

Memories will come alive and you will stand firmly in your power, soft yet strong, 

in true service to a world desperately in need of your holy presence.

- We have been called to give birth to a new world -

This dance is a prayer. A prayer for the earth, and therefore a prayer for women. This is a call for women to know and believe in the holiness of their bodies, the sacredness of their dance, and the power of their voice. A prayer for all women who do not express themselves; who hold themselves back, who do not know their own power as Creators, as Healers, as Givers of Life. My prayer is a prayer for women; women who are not allowed to dance and sing, or express themselves in any way. A prayer for men who do not believe women should dance in public. My dance is the voice of women who are trapped in a life where they have no voice. My prayer is for the young girls who get sold into marriage at eight years old to old men, and who die in the hands of cultures that permit such atrocities to continue … and continue … My prayer is for young girls who are sold into sex slavery and contract illnesses they didn’t even know existed. My prayer is for these girls who never had a chance to be girls. My prayer is for the men whose unpunished violence and terror against women and against the earth is permitted in this world. My prayer is a dance for the earth. My prayer is a dance for women.

My prayer is a calling for the women to Return to the Temple

- Zola Dubnikova

"Being in circle with Tara was a CPR for my femininity. She created a safe space for me to open up beyond my fears and limitations. With the various embodiment practices, meditations and guided journeys I was able to embrace my femininity, listen to my intuition and discover my gifts. I have not felt a connection like this before with women, to feel so much love between each-other was so touching and I feel a joy in my being that I have not felt for a long time. I very much enjoyed moving my body in ways that felt empowering for me as a woman and I feel deeply rejuvenated and inspired to share my light and feminine gifts with the world.

I will definitely attend her offerings again".

Ma Tara Palmo