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Mary Magdalene a Saint - Not sinner

Blessed Mary Magdalene feast day

Three years ago Pope Frances publicly elevated Mary Magdalene from being "just a prostitute" to the apostle of the apostles, restoring her to her rightful place in history as a Saint and not a "sinner". 🌹

"It is only recently that a reinterpretation of various texts reveals that Mary Magdalene was indeed the partner and most favoured companion of Jesus. These recently discovered writings from the Nag Hammadi library deliver up to us texts which reveal insights into the role of women and Mary Magdalene herself, at the very emergence of Christianity.The Gospel of Philip speaks of Mary Magdalene “as the most favoured companion of Jesus who loved her more than the other disciples and would kiss her often on the mouth.Mary Magdalene had an innate understanding of the teachings being given, and an intimate relationship not only with the man, but with the wisdom that was being spoken and that it was a joining of two equals with the Magdalene representing the divine feminine element as did Jesus the masculine."

by Kerri Ryan MA

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