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Ahimsa Eco Solutions for a Healthy Planet

HAPPY EARTH DAY (22. April) 💚 Do you want a beautiful, healthy planet? Ahimsa Eco offer solutions to plastic pollution that are next-level Zero Waste.

Let's do this...together!

Please give your vote for my dear friends Stefanie and Wes whose hearts are on fire with passion and compassion to help heal and clean our planet, voting for their small business will help them grow!

Ahimsa Eco Solutions is a business-for-good that truly cares and is committed to providing solutions for a healthier planet! We offer eco-consulting services to help organisations meet their sustainability goals, and we sell next-level Zero Waste products made from top quality biodegradable, upcycled and reclaimed materials.

We give back to the community and planet by: organizing environmental events; supporting causes; and raising awareness about environmental issues through blogs, interviews, and social media.

To buy any of their amazing products please visit


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