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From this magical place, she knows everything is possible 🌹

Crowned with the glory of moon light, she radiates a humble,

yet wild and majestic presence.

Her dance is sometimes still

sometimes moving, yet she is always in deep listening

radiantly aware.

She sees how the goddess

is dancing before her, speaking to her in symbolic languages,

through dreams, visions, her intuition

and synchronistic meetings,

revealing the next steps of her journey.

She has embraced her fears, her insecurities

and she Let Go of the need to control.

Her deep heart is now fully surrendered

to the mystery of the unknown.

Dancing in the dissolution of inner and outer

in the mystical cauldron of empty luminosity.

From this magical place of unity,

she knows everything is possible,

from this union her deepest prayers

are danced into being.

© Dakini Dance ॐ Awakening the Goddess Within