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Creator, Healer, giver of Life

This Dance is a prayer. A prayer for the Earth and therefore a prayer for Women.

This is a call for the Women to know and believe in the Holiness of their Bodies, the Sacredness of their Dance and the Power of their Voice.

A prayer for all the women who do not express themselves, who hold themselves back. Who do not know their own power as Creators, as Healers, as Givers of Life.

My prayer is a prayer for Women.

Women who are not allowed to dance and sing or express themselves in any way.

A prayer for men who do not believe women should dance in public.

My dance is the Voice of Women who are trapped in a life where they have no voice.

My prayer is for young girls who get sold into marriages at eight years old to old men and die at the hands of the cultures that permit such attrocities, to continue and continue...

My prayer is for young girls who are sold to sex slavery and contract illness they didnt know existed.

My prayer is for theses girls who never had a chance to be girls.

My prayer is for the men who's unpunished violence and terror against Women and against Earth is permitted in this World.

My prayer is a dance for the Earth. My prayer is a dance for Women. My prayer is a calling for the women to Return to the Temple.

by Zola Dubnikova

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