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Walk with confidence on this Earth

You have come a long way Beloved One. Luminous clarity and new visions have been gained after a courageous journey into the darkest corners of your being. A profound initiation where you discovered parts of yourself that had been long neglected. Grief, pain and sorrow from times of great despair in this life and past, have been accepted and cradled with radical forgiveness and a deep inner knowing that it was a precious gift for your growth. You have embraced yourself with love and compassion and it is now your most cherished sadhana and sacred service to the world. The path magically unfolds as you go. Moment by moment you honour your heart's true calling and create a life in Joy and Abundance. The illusion of struggle and suffering is long fading, You know the truth and glory of enLightened living and there is no going back as you stand firmly in your power. The earth celebrates your holy dance and the flowers bow in reverence to your prophetic song. Walk in confidence brave One for you are transforming the world with your beauty.

- Ma Tara Palmo

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