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Be a Light bearer

Let the Wild Fire of the Goddess Shakti enLighten your life. Feel her stirring from deep within you - awakening you from the trance of inadequacy from the hypnotic paralysed state of hopelessness. Let her heal your wounds with her warmth and promise of a New Life lived in Love and Acceptance of All that you are. Be a light-bearer, a luminous portal of light You are here on a deep mission, you have a message to us. Let us hear it. Let us feel it. Let us burn in your Bright Fire of Truth and Hope.

Light the path with your Burning Heart, radiant woman of wisdom! I bow.. In awe of All that you are - Ma Tara Palmo ˙·٠•●♡ॐ♡●•٠·˙ Photo: Kareva Margarita

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