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Guru Within

Ma Tara Palmo July 31, 2015

Dear familyI am emerging out of the luscious green jungle of Bali. I feel so blessed to have had the opportunity to go on a much needed deep dive these past 2 months. Vippassana retreat and spending time in Bali silent retreat, in contemplation, meditation, yoga, prayers, fire rituals.

Meditating on the Kintamani mountain next to the active vulcano Mount Agung and during the silent retreat next to the active vulcano Mount Batur, was to say the least as if both Kali and Chinnamasta, the goddesses of transformation was swinging their swords of Radical Truth..screaming WAKE UP sister..WAKE UP!!!

Venus going retrograde and the blue moon rising in the sky…wow YES! give it to me baby, the whole universe conspires to make a massive shift!

Just before leaving for Bali I received an OWL statue on my birthday. They are the medicine animal for seeing through deception, what is normally hidden will be revealed, and it kept showing itself several times in various shapes and sizes during this journey. Layers of the unconscious mind were pierced open in light, freeing me from some long held destructive patterns.. and now everything has changed! Life as I knew it dissolved into pure nothingness, simply witnessing in radical acceptance, letting go, surrendering.

But I am more clear than I have ever been, I found a truth within, the Guru in my heart! She spoke softly to me with a voice of endless truth, wisdom and compassion.

It was a great blessing to re-connect with the Dharma through attending a Vipassana retreat. Buddhism was one of the first portals into spirituality about 20 years ago. My beloved ishta devata Tara Ma made herself very present during this trip with her endless love and compassion, guiding and protecting me all the way.

A deep bow to all of you who have been part of my life, making it exactly the way it needed to be, I bow to each and every ONE of you sisters and brothers, thank you so much!! The magical journey continues, dancing each other home to the Grand Palace of LOVE, may we realise the true nature of our mind, and be of benefit to all sentient beings.

What a dance …what a dance…gratitude every step of the way.

With a Deep Bow


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