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The sacred dance of the Goddess

Beloved Queens and Kings I am in such awe at the magic of this existence. We are continuosly given signs, visions, dreams, intuitive guidance, mystical synchronicities and it is a deep practice for me to stay open to them. To listen, to be receptive, alert and attentive to what is being communicated from my soul and my environment, watching how the Goddess is dancing before me showing the next step of my journey. I love being engaged in the worldly play and all that is going on, connecting with kindred spirits, feeling the wild creative energy flowing, moving to the rhythm of life. Tuning in to what the world needs from me moment to moment. Being available to be a channel, to offer my gifts, not holding back, but firmly standing in my power knowing that my voice and my actions can make a difference. I have been called now to go on an inner journey, it is that time to withdraw for a bit and travel deep into the heart. I will do a retreat and I truly honour these times, the adventures to the inner planes and dimensions, it allows me to be more authentic. Hearing the hearts longing and staying true to what is being revealed, letting old parts of my story die to create the new into being. It is such a joy to be connected here at Dakini Dance, I get so inspired from your comments and feedbacks and your shining hearts, thank you so much dear sisters and brothers! With much love, gratitude and Infinite blessings [if !supportLineBreakNewLine] [endif]

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