Sacred Priestess of Magic

March 19, 2018


- Hieros Gamos - Holy Union 



I am your sacred priestess of magic
I dance your dance of mystery
upon this holy earth

This is my prayer my only prayer

reveal to me your innermost secrets
anoint me as your holy bride
to serve and protect All life

This is my prayer my only prayer

to breathe in Oneness of Love
to shine the light of my heart 
within the light of Creation 

that your womb, your Divine womb
sacred Earth Mother 
be impregnated with Spirit

Embraced by your beloved, Mother
So your children may know the fullness
and holiness of this dance

This is my prayer my only prayer

I sing your song of creation
from deep within my heart
from deep within my womb

I am on my knees Majestic Mother
Return to us your grace and glory
So we may know life again as One

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